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WintersHowl Defense is a Singleplayer game that has the genres Tower Defense and Action Role Playing Game combined with new controls and movement that create new playstyles within such as the Grappling Hook and Dodge Roll that allow you to traverse Levels in new ways.

The game takes place in a Medieval Fantasy setting where you are able to play as the Character and defend against waves of monsters.


This has been a passion project that has been in development for a few months and has been inspired by games such as the Dungeon Defenders or Orcs Must Die Franchise. 

I am currently developing the game in my spare time so this is still in very early development. However there is a build that you are able to play and am trying to keep as bug free as possible while still developing new ideas at the same time.

Install Instructions

Unzip and run the executable


WintersHowlDefense.7z 342 MB

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